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MPI Turbo 0-80 Video

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Wow!! Sounds good!!
That is badd ass!

I will say that it does not seem to have a real low 1st gear though. Gonna be a problem for rock crawl types.
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Yep, won't be able to crawl! I was just thinking yesterday that probably 90% of the people that I'll go out with will have razors that have a low range. I'd hate to be "that guy" that has to go around the rock crawl stuff or sit there and wait for my friends to finish having fun in the little crawling areas that we ride in so we can head out to the wide-open desert! I'm pissed! And that's with 27 inch tires on it!
Nice, definitely not a low first gear, boost is king!!!:)
Patience grasshopper..... It will crawl just fine (I hope)
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I'm not sure if it's designed to crawl.... you may have to ride the clutch?

BUT IF NOT able to crawl, why bother installing front lockers?
It's not going to crawl! Looks like fun! But it's not going to crawl! Just had a thought though. There's a little bit of room between the motor and the transmission, what if you could fit a transfer case in between the two? Or one of those I think advance adapters splitters that they add to the back of racing automatic transmissions. It's just a simple planetary that gives you a whole Nother range of gears.
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I got to look up that splitter that you can add to a transmission and look at the pictures of the little driveshaft between the motor in the transmission now.
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Talk about banging gears!! Money mayweather doesn't hit that hard.. Lol
SUPER ATV HAS THE CRAWLERS COVERED. GEAR REDUCTlON AND LIFT. Vehicle Motor vehicle Trailer Automotive exterior Wheel
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Nice.. Now whats top speed unrestricted? Finally looking like a decent power to weight ratio in a SxS.
Was the initial takeoff clean? Looked like he might have missed the clutching.
I thought 1st would be a creeper gear. Shoot...
Was the initial takeoff clean? Looked like he might have missed the clutching.
Not clean. I think he was trying to keep from burning off the tires in 1st and caused the 1st gear takeoff stumble. I think dirt tires where on it.
1 - 20 of 88 Posts
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