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New 2023 YXZ XTR owner

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I’ve always been a dirt bike guy, but my 7 year old has been bugging me about getting a toy we can use together (His 4 wheeler is too slow according to him). I live in northern Idaho where side by sides are all over the place, and with the weather warming up I decided to start looking….I’d never even been in a SxS, but landed on the 2023 YXZ XTR due to the sequential gear box and (alleged) Yamaha reliability.

Ordered harnesses, tree kickers, a few oil change kits, side mirrors, turn signals (am I looking in the wrong places, or are the turn signal options just awful?) so far.

What are some must-haves for these machines? I plan on trail riding locally with the occasional trip out to the dunes. No racing or extreme riding anticipated (yet.)
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Nice mean looking machine! 👀 turbo or supercharger makes these another beast 🤙🏽
You've made the right decision. Now just some boost for that extra spice 🌶. Give yourself some time to get used to the machine before boost. I gave it a year 700+ miles before Supercharging.

Must Haves:
  • Run Synthetic 10-40 or 15-40 if boosted.
  • Cage sooner than later.
  • Harnesses, you don't have to go expensive they're affordable
  • Weller Throttle body lock downs, you won't think you need it until you do.
  • Lightweight flywheel, I have the Packard. I can still climb with it fine. You can have a heavy as well if you fancy, takes 30 min to change out. Very affordable.
  • Smog delete plates if you fancy.
- RMR fender flares if you mud a lot, 4wd will send it into the cab tremendously.

- pocket compressor with plugs and patches for the trails, it'll happen. Nice kit at auto stores or tractor supply..

- there are bullet style led turn signals for sxs, universal fit with a rocker switch that are bright and not hideous like others. Amazon or eBay.

-if you ride at night. Light bars and light pods for pillars. I have blackout, tractor supply stuff on mine. You don't have to spend an arm and leg.
- lighted Buggy Whip brand whip. It looks cool plus it's way easy to see through dust and at a distance through bushes over a flag. They are the most durable proven time and time again. I have the Bright Green

- Exhaust and tune, I have the KRAFTWERKS exhaust with Dynojet pv3 tuner.... it will open the machine up!! +15hp it with feel like more with the flywheel..

I'm Kraftwerks Superchargered as well, it's perfect, it rips!
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I refused to take mine out of the garage without harnesses, tree kickers, cargo box, front/rear windshields.
Other kids I’m glad I did upfront: A-pillar lights and rope led bar are essential for any night ride. I added rear A pillar LED odd too because my dad got his talon stuck once at night mostly because of no reverse lights and could see trees backing out of the mud hole on a trail. Stock yxz exhaust is whinny IMO so it had to go. Lots of options there. Rest of mods are more of a “want” than need.
Congrats on the purchase!
Like the other said a cage and harnesses first. Then the sky's the limit. I think one of the best things I have done for my stock 2019 SS was the Weller tune. It just really made the car more drivable all around.
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Gratz on the purchase! I think you'll be happy with your choice too. Depending on how you drive will determine what to add-on first imo.
Turbos are great but imo overkill for a mountain trail. I know you are going to hit St. Anthonys Dunes, for reference, I kept up with 3 Turbo SxS, Polaris and 2 Can-AM's the entire day, by the way in 2nd position. I ran with 4x4 engaged and Sedona Coyote tires never had an issue pulling Choke Cherry Hill and was a blast a Devils Dune, I was stock otherwise.

Now I have the Weller flash and bummed I waited so long to get it, it made a big difference (positively) with the YXZ. Good luck on your add-ons, there are many to be had!
Congratulations and welcome to the dark side by side. I also used to ride dirt bikes and ATVs in my younger days, the faster the better. I actually have more fun nowadays with the wife sitting next to me in the YXZ or her and the 3 kids in the Teryx4. It's awesome to be able to share my love of off roading with the next generation, and teach them to respect the land that we get to ride on.
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