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Hey all. New from Ohio. First ride in 85 was a Suzuki quad sport. Rode the hell out of that thing as a kid. Got back into quads in 09 with a Raptor 700. Bought a Rzr 800 in 2011. Traded for a Rzr Xp 900 in 2012, and finally a Rzr Xp 1000 in late 2013. Can't wait to see the new Yamaha. My 1000 is a piece of garbage. Been through a front diff, 2 primary clutches, tie rod ends, ball joints, bushings, and 2 oil leaks. Fun when it runs, but wanting some Yamaha quality. That's my intro.
Welcome, bet you wish you held on to to the xp900. 2 people in our group bit on the early xp1000, neither still have it...I made a fortune selling them belts...HA. It was rough on all of us though.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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