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New machine 2022 YXZ XTR

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Just posting a few pics of the new machine.
Mods so far:
Akropavich titanium exhaust with ECU flash
GYTR high flow air filters
Yamaha roof led bar
Yamaha accessories/switch panel
Yamaha second battery kit
Yamaha alternator kit (required for the LED bar apparently)
Rigid Industries A pillar lights front and rear
HMF switch panel
GYTR/Yamaha harnesses
Yamaha front and rear bumper addons
Teseract cargo box
Kemimoto triangle roof bags
Kemimotor side mirrors
Super UTV flip windshield
Vented rear windshield panel
Super UTv tree kickers
Rokblokz fender extenders
Tire Cloud Wheel Vehicle Sky
Wheel Tire Car Sky Land vehicle

Garmin Tread SxS edition 8” with backup camera (have but not yet installed)
Maxxis roxzilla 30” regular compound (not yet installed)

Wheel Tire Car Sky Land vehicle

Tire Cloud Wheel Vehicle Sky
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts