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New machine 2022 YXZ XTR

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Just posting a few pics of the new machine.
Mods so far:
Akropavich titanium exhaust with ECU flash
GYTR high flow air filters
Yamaha roof led bar
Yamaha accessories/switch panel
Yamaha second battery kit
Yamaha alternator kit (required for the LED bar apparently)
Rigid Industries A pillar lights front and rear
HMF switch panel
GYTR/Yamaha harnesses
Yamaha front and rear bumper addons
Teseract cargo box
Kemimoto triangle roof bags
Kemimotor side mirrors
Super UTV flip windshield
Vented rear windshield panel
Super UTv tree kickers
Rokblokz fender extenders
Tire Cloud Wheel Vehicle Sky
Wheel Tire Car Sky Land vehicle

Garmin Tread SxS edition 8” with backup camera (have but not yet installed)
Maxxis roxzilla 30” regular compound (not yet installed)

Wheel Tire Car Sky Land vehicle

Tire Cloud Wheel Vehicle Sky
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Yea. The teseract box was a little wait. They quoted I think 7 weeks when ordered but showed up in like 5 wks. Had to re-drill 3 of the 4 bolt holes that hold it in as they were 5/8” off initially and but 1/4” longer bolts but it’s plastic so drilled easy. Used a large rubber washer to seal the elongated holes up. So far it’s definitely waterproof. Holds a good bit and is low profile so not in the mirror view.
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Thanks. Yeah so far great machine. The nerf bars (AKa tree kickers) are a definite MUST if you ride woods trails. First trip out they saved me from bashing a log once and a huge tree that would probably have busted the rear fender up. Or worse a hit to the trailing arm. Local trails have some tight spots. Tiny scuff on the nerf bar and slid me right around the obstacle.
I would definitely recommend a set of Nerf bars or tree kickers. I liked the set of Hauser racing ones that were a little bit beefier, but couldn’t find them in stock anywhere. These are from super ATV and straightforward bolt on. I was surprised they were matte black though, and not glossy but I think it actually looks nicer that way anyways.

For me I wasn’t willing to take the machine out riding without winch, tree, kickers, and harnesses. Once those are ON, all the other stuff is more optional IMO.

currently working on modifying the rearview mirror bracket since the ATV flip windshield impedes the OEM bracket. I think the assault Industries to mount bracket will work fine and I’ll post pictures later if it works out.
Top/front of my mirror bracket where the mirror bolt sticks upward is about 3/4” into the windshield (pushes it hard upward). I tried to bend the bracket about an inch downward and it could work if I keep bending it another 1/2” or so. Hard to bend due to odd shape.
Yes 2022 triton 1272 (12’x72”) with rock guard front kit. Super light - like 450# empty. Can literally walk it around by hand up a sloped driveway. Only down side is noisy/bouncy when towing empty since it’s got not weight. I tend to throw gear to weight down the toolbox to help.
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Those are awesome. Love that you went with the accept orange. (y)
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Finally found a fix for the rear view mirror problem. Assault industries makes a tube clamp that thread perfectly onto the mirror threads. Looks great. I’ll post a pic if I can…
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Newest edition: infinite off-road 2’ double helix whip lights.
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