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Howdy all, finally getting around to a proper introduction.

I've been using this forum for quite some time. I actually found and bought my rig here, so I'm grateful for the forum.

I'm pretty new to the SXS world. I had a Yamaha YFZ450R a lifetime ago. It served me well while I owned it, so Yamaha was a front runner while exploring new machines. After reading and watching endless posts and videos, combined with an overall "meh" feeling for the CVT transmissions in Polaris and Can-Am, I was sold.

Pulled the trigger on a 2021 XTR with all of 35 miles/10 hours on it. I went through hell getting it home to AZ (the hood and radiator cover blew off while in transport), but it's here.

I gotta say, I now understand what makes this machine so damn special. It's a freaking beast! That said, I have an endless list of parts on the "I want list," but first and foremost, gotta get some miles on her.

Any Southeast Tucson members on here, the trails in the neighborhood are pretty damn near perfect. Happy to link up for a ride, or two, or three....

In all her glory.
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Again, shoutout to the mods and members of this forum. Happy ridding 馃

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I am in NW Tucson and have been looking to explore the SE side. I would definitely like to go for a ride down there and I can show you some stuff up this way too. Welcome and nice looking machine!
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