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Hello all!

I've been riding Yamaha's all my life. Finally retired my 2004 YFZ450 and picked up a heavily modified 2019 YXZ SS SE with a trailer.
I've been working on fixing a few electrical things and getting the wires organized for the last few days. Very tedious work to get all those relays, wires and whatnot in that small battery compartment.
I might remove the Rockford Fosgate stage 4, the sound of the engine is more than enough music to my ears.

Took it out for the first time last Sunday, I couldn't stop smiling! Also, I let my bro-in-law take it for a spin; he's never been in an UTV before. He had a blast!
I've been wanting to take it out to Bishop/Lone pine area. I'd love to explore the Alabama hills/Reward mine area. Not to keen on going solo, though.


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Great looking rig! What did you get it for if you don’t mind me asking?

25k...It came with a bunch of extras:
Super ATV Portal Gear lifts, stock set of tires and rims; trailer.

As far as what's installed:
-Method wheels on Fuel Off-Road Gripper UTV Tire (30X10-15R)
-Hess 360 Watt Power Steering Upgrade Kit with Shaft for Yamaha YXZ 1000R /SS
-Hess Shock Tower With Brace
-S&B Particulate filter
-Rockford Fosgate stage 4 sound system
-Lone Star racing long travel kit
-GYTR Turbo system
-Yamaha Adventure Pro
-KC Flex light pod bar - 20 total
-PRP with 5 point harnesses
-Full Skid plates
-Shock Therapy Ride improvement system stage 2
-Shock Therapy Sway bar kit
-OEM Spare tire carrier
-Venom 5000x Winch
-Two Quiklight 4ft fiber optic whips /w flags

I'm sure I'm missing a few things.

I've been working on getting the wiring all organized and removing the decals.
1100 miles and 88 hours on the odometer.
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