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New pic...

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Here is is yall Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle All-terrain vehicle Car

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I think the Emperors new clothes are awesome. .............
Yeah we have it up on the Wildcat forums. I think it's sharp. Two things I don't like are the shock towers protruding through the hood, and no center pillar for the cage? Can't figure out what Yamaha was thinking with that. Sharpest "stock" roof I've seen!
Looks like trailing arms with a variation of the Can Am setup instead of just radius rods like Polaris.
I absolutely am not a fan of yellow but i think the thing looks pretty knarly. Lots of bashing on thr book of faces bout the styling. Who the hell wants a razer look alike. As of now im on board for a blue one or some other color.
That looks pretty awesome! Definitely not like the other kids in the yard. It looks like there is quite a bit of room in the cockpit for the taller folks. I think it's going to be quite the hit. Bet Popo and Can-Am are going to be pretty unhappy...;-D
The rear looks like a cross between a-arms and trailing arms...
It is definitely different but I like it. Looks to have around the same wheelbase as the RZR XP1K. The low hood line and shocks coming up through the hood might take some getting used to but the visibility should be good. It will be interesting to see the whole rear suspension and the rest of the hood tomorrow. The Yamaha yellow needs black graphics instead of the blue. :)
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Hard to tell if there's any paddle shifters but to me it doesn't appear to have them, hmmm... Can anyone else tell?
Does that look like a screen in the center of the dash or a storage hole?
Don't see paddles but I'd be fine with a quad style 1 down 5 up auto clutch setup!
looks very interesting.

I am not down with the Yellow, cab looks roomy, front shocks look huge.

Can't wait to get the full story tomorrow (specs).

How the hell am i ever going to sleep tonight now? Damn You!
It does look like a screen, maybe a GPS or an all digital gauge read out?

I didn't notice until now the center white stripe as well that goes through the vehicle from front to back.

If you compare it to the blue and white picture leaked early on it would appear this is some type of SE model with beadlocks and the screen.

Tomorrow cant come soon enough now, i need specs!!! i need to know how the shifting and clutch works!!!! I need to know rear travel numbers!!!!
Well, defiantly going to have to figure some type of tire coverage. Our rzr s was miserable with mud, rocks, and pretty much most debris till fabbing large finder flairs. Was figuring they would do typical Yamaha styling, high finders and such but was really hoping for something different from them. But they are tradition and that is a god thing. I'm sure the rest of it will more than live up to my expectations. Very excited, pretty funny a bunch of grown men acting like a bunch of teenage girls were so excited. Got the alarm set...
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Need bars, bead locks, trailing arm, great looking doors, what's happening with the roof though? Still the sexiest thing Yamaha has made in......ever!
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