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Newest Teaser Photo of the 2016 Yamaha YXZ Sport SXS Revealed!

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The newest leaked photo of the Yamaha YXZ sport UTV is out!
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Anyone else notice this is the full version of the Atari 2600 pixel "white door YXZ" pic that popped up a week or so ago? Really thinking Yamaha has a hand in these "spy shots" and is having a good time with everyone... I'm quite suspicious they have much more on the way, possibly even a 1-2 punch throw everyone off with this left jab, then Ka-Blamo a big knockout punch to the throat that leaves everyone gasping on September 1st.... or at least I can hope lol
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I like what I see so far! Really like the doors on this. :p
I'm going to throw in my guess in for specs according to the new picture. I think it is bigger than it looks. I'm going with 14" rims. 28" bighorn 2.0. At least 15" travel front and rear probably more. It has big long shocks that shows they have some stroke to them. Yamaha wouldn't make the shocks longer than needed, (waste of money). I'm guessing 64"-65" wide. Not sure on trailing arm yet. Hard to tell from the picture. I am excited to see it and drive it!
I kind of think its the little brother of the 2 models, The wheel base just looks short too me, But then again I do need stronger glasses lol. I also think big brother will be coming out alittle bit later.
I think it actually looks pretty good. I think the look from the side view is a little deceiving, because of the ground clearance and the amount of space around the tires.
I sure hope it has at least 18"of travel.
Looks pretty big to me! I'm guessing that the front fenders aren't on it yet and can't quite figure out what the rears look like with all that bubble wrap. Is this a two tone dash?
It does look to have a two-tone dash.
Do you guys think that is a gauge pod above the steering wheel?
It kind of looks like it. I hope it's similar to the Maverick's gauge layout.
It kind of looks like it. I hope it's similar to the Maverick's gauge layout.
Yeah, The Mav gauge pod is easy to read while driving.
That's something I really like about CAN AMs, the gauges on the driver's side where it should be..
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