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was your OEM foam air filter to oily when it was new?

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OEM air filter to oily on your Yamaha YXZ 1000.

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Was your OEM foam air filter to oily when it was new? mine was just dripping and thick oil all over it. I know they need oil but too much could suffocate the engine and make it run rich.
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i wouldnt say it was crazy oily but yes it had too much. same as everything else on the car, many zerks had grease spilling out, body panel bolts were loose, coolant was on the low side, throttle adjustment was loose as hell.

part of any new car is to go over everything and double and triple check before we send it hard. god forbid i put my life or my passengers life in the hands of a minimum wage dealership hand or assembly line worker.
I have had zero issues with my 20, can think of only one thing I've had to adjust or tighten in over 2,000 miles, it was the led lights, but we ride woods and don't need them very far in front of you like you would in the dunes.
It is easy to have a large filter like these have the oil settle some at the bottom and drip. You worry when that doesn't occur. Better a little wet if worked in well than on the dry side. The extra oil will not hurt the engine nor will any get past the secondary filter. It will cut down on airflow some having a wet secondary but that is inevitable unless you run your filter extra dry or change secondary often which is tough job..
I've had to adjust the hand brake twice and that's it in 7000 miles
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