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Definitely not sold on the 19+ being the end all be all, as you said nothing really is that. Just likely to be a bit better than prior years, my personal experience was a good one (fortunately). Nonetheless I've been thinking about an upgraded cage ever since.

That said it sounds like you may know a thing or two about cage design. I have a very well respected cage builder (in my area anyway) and he does have one available for the YXZ, which is not a common thing around here as the YXZ is not a popular choice in the midwest. However I like that he is local, and he also said if they build it we can also tailor it (I am sure within reason) to my liking. What do you think about this general design?
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I’m going say that I’m 99.9% sure that it is an LSK cage. Just built one and I was very happy with it.
Many cage builders find it better to buy a diy kit and weld it up or make mods to your liking…
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