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If you need a safe and secure way to transport your long guns to the hunting spot, consider getting the overhead gun rack from Seizmik. Just like every accessory by this manufacturer, the rack looks great, works great, and is very convenient to use. It can be mounted on any tube roll cage to hold two long rifles safely with soft rubber grips. They will stay secures over your head even when you are driving over the rough terrain and can be easily accessed when needed.

Another option for hunting enthusiasts – is the gun holder designed to be secured on the vehicle’s seats. It can securely hold two long firearms on top of the seat while the barrels are down. It is designed to be tough and reliable with fully padded foam construction. It can absorb shocks and vibrations keeping the weapons protected. The accessory has no hard edges that can scratch the guns. It can be mounted in seconds by locking the existing seat belt.

Seizmik® - Custom Overhead Gun Rack - POWERSPORTSiD.com

Seizmik® 07200 - ICOS In Cab On Seat Gun Holder - POWERSPORTSiD.com

Click on the image to enter the product page.
Browse the catalog of Seizmik products for your Yamaha YXZ at POWERSPORTSiD.com by clicking this button:

You can call our customer support line at 888.903.4348 (toll free) in case you have any question.
Or you can simply ask them here or in PM.​
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