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Hey Everyone,

A lot of people don't realize the full potential of lighted whips, and most "whip companies" don't have the knowledge to do what Tribal Whips can ... We're designers and innovators with a passion for the lighted whip business... We're not here for the quick buck, we're in it for the long haul.

Today we created a video in our new series, "Quick Video" that introduces you to our brake light module for the Aurora series LED whips. It's easy to install and works with both old and new Aurora series whips, including Tribal X. It's a great way to increase functionality and safety while riding.

Tribal Whips also makes brake light, running light, and turn signal modules, all in one unit. Tribal Whips also helps customers create custom animators with cool looking and fun animations that are unique to them and their riding groups. For assistance with any of these items, please contact our customer service dept. directly and during the normal hours of operation.

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