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New YXZ owner here...got a little carried away and already got myself a slow speed rollover, enough to get it on the roof (Krash cage and PRP harnesses are the bomb). Overall some minor plastic stress and gotta fold the mirror in, but she took it like a champ. My question is, with it only being wheel side up for ~5mins, I had some decent fluid leakage in the front. At first saw it on top of the center plastic (like it leaked through the seam between the front fenders and center cowl), but now it's leaked down and has a decent 8" x 24" puddle after sitting overnight. It's oil, not coolant (radiator relocate anyway), and the brake and clutch reservoir didn't appear low on fluid or show signs of leaking. I'm thinking it may have been the front diff breather that it leaked out of, but with it being upside down, sideways, and now right side up it's hard to trace the source with all that's going on in the front.

I cleaned up what i could with brake cleaner so I can see if anything continues to leak (unfortunately no pics prior) but wondering if anyone has had this before? My next step is to check/change front diff fluid and see if it's low, but just looking to see if someone else has rolled it and had the same symptoms.


P.S. She may be a used '16 that already rolled, but **** do I love this machine.
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