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I wanted to share my radio install with anyone interested. I'm not good at wiring so I took my best shot and I think it came out alright.

Let me first start by saying I was confused on where to power the radio, I knew I wanted it off the switch so I couldn't ever forget to turn off the radio and drain the batt. I was told adding a relay off the switch is how it should be done, but that's above what I know how to wire. So I tapped into the dash accessory wire (cigaret liter). The power is only 10amp at the accessory and the radio can pull up to 14amps, so I was a bit concerned but after hooking everything up the radio hardly pulls anything while in stand by, and pulls around 4-5 amps when communicating.

I trimmed the wire and ditched the cheesy fuse connectors and added new ones. I also only tapped into the power line and grounded off an open bolt hole on the frame located right where I spliced the wire (I did file the powder coat off where the bolt makes contact). I only had to cut a hole large enough to bring the cables through and no other trimming needed to be done, besides a small hole to for music input in the glove box.

The install took me a few hours but like I said I'm not good at wiring, but it really wasn't a hard install. I'd highly recommend this setup.

Radio pic.jpg Radio Pic 2.jpg Radio Wiring pic.jpg
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