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Bought the Spike Power Sports 1/2 windshield because I believed the Yamaha factory wind deflector wasn't tall enough. I'm very pleased with this 1/2 shield, however I quickly found I need to get the rear shield to keep out dust. This windshield is a rather tall 1/2 shield....which is what I was looking for since I am 6'6". It's fine for me but my 5'6" daughter complained she was looking through it too much (I can see over the top), and by the time she rode the shield was completely dusted inside and out.
I have ordered the factory rear since it appears to seal better around the rear of the cab. I'll advise how this setup works.
I am well aware...taller shields bring more dust. There appear to be the short Yamaha, a middle size version, and the spike version of 1/2 shields. I am also looking forward to seeing full glass shields being available some day.

500 miles on the y, and no problems at all.
Having fun in Northern Az! Dunes for New Years!
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