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Ss Clutch plates

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Looking at the clutch diagram I see the first fiber and steel are a different part than the rest of the stack. What is different about these first two disks? I have a 2017 SS. Thanks
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Well i know that when i installed tubeworks oil mod was told the smaller friction plates were somewhat for oiling purpose to allow oil to splash? When oil mod installed those three smaller friction plates get replaced with full size frictions, and jutter springs and wire retainer goes away. Makes clutch change much easier.
I took my clutch apart again and carefully re installed just like the parts diagram on partzilla. 10 fiber 9 steel. Buttoned it up, does not move. Slip light comes on. No go. Ns wat the issue is.
Called Team Alba. There clutch pack is different from stock ( which would have been nice to know from the start). They use all 2mm steels as opposed to one 2mm and 8 2.6mm for stock. Also they use 11 fiber 10 steel where stock is 10 fiber 9 steel. Works fine now.
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