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STR8 UP SXS SERIES race 4 at Choccolocco Mt ORV in Jacksonville Alabama

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This series was started to be a extreme race series for the southeastern side of the U.S. to show and prove just what these bad boys can do. A lot of polaris rzr's come out but hopefully the rest of the field will start to join us. ALL UTV'S ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE and encouraged to at that.

here is the BoatRamp trail at Choccolocco Mt that proves very hard for even the 900+ hp rock bouncers. Check these guys out in their custom rzr's and stock machines. Can't wait to see a new YXZ out there ripping it up wtih these guys.

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900cc class for the STR8 UP

STR8 UP SXS SERIES RACE 4 1000cc CLASS - A Can Am, Some Rzr's and a 900 trail whips them all.

Thanks for sharing :cool: video's

Welcome to the STR8 UP SXS Series
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