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Hello from Israel everyone
I really love making modifications to any car/machine i had and now its the Yxz time.
Its 2019 Ss Se completely stock with only 3000 miles on it.
Personally i dont feel any power gains are needed, for my riding style its enough (for now 馃榿)
and of course i dont want to add more noise to it.
Anyway if thinking forward I assume i will be need/want to make some extra horses and i came up with that setup:

1: secondery K&N air filter
2: Oem velocity stacks (comes standard on 2019 ss se ?)
3: Air box spacer
4: Viper intake cam without exhaust ( 8kh-12170-00 ?)
5: Spark arrestor tweak/mod
6: Tune/reflash

what do you guysthink about that setup ?
Is there anything missing?
will it work ?
Anyone runs that setup ?
And of course any recommendations for tune are welcome

also camshaft for sale are needed at this point



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Welcome! Please share pics of your machine and what type of terrain you鈥檒l be driving in.
Your number 6 should be your number 1鈥 my advice for sure is get a tune.
i prefer fast trails riding, ralley style so i going to invest more money on handling which is already good for me.
and basically enjoy that machine and keep it simple as much as possible.

i agree with you about tuning, its very important, the numbers are random so no meaning to underestimate that...
All the parts will come together and will install at the same time and straight to the dyno if i wont find any flash to support the mods i am going to do.
I just trying to build full kit before I start ordering parts.

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A set of harnesses and a stronger aftermarket roll cage should be 1 & 2 on the list before any other mods. Regarding exhaust, look at the Alba ABD kit, I'm not too fond of the Alba header as they have fitment issues, but you won't find cheaper quieter horsepower the YXZ.
very important, totally agree.
GYTR Harnesses are installed from day one on the machine.
Cage will be built as soon as I receive the bungs for it, i hope next week.
And new set of seats are also be done next week

do you mean SBD kit ?
If so that almost what i am going to do, without the header.
To be honest i am not think i should replace the stock header with any other (unless its titanium which is much lighter)
I hope to get hp gains with better intake and replace the spark arrestor.

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I'd skip the airbox spacer, more of a pain to install than it's worth. I on the other hand put K&N filters in all my toys for decades. They will outlast what ever you put them in. Now someone needs to chime in that says they only put them in certain ones. Then we'll have the whole filter thing covered :)
install would be the fun part of it actually, pain is for inpatient persons who dont like to do things by themselves...
And if alba state it does gain some hp than why not ? I paid so little for it and i wont mind it to be there...

as i said, i have enough power for now, i aint searching for big numbers or monster yxz.
Just to take a bit more out of this engine, like i would like it to be from the factory.

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Yes, I did mean Alba SBD kit. The stock header is very restrictive so if you want the most bang for your buck I would defiantly look into replacing it. I have the Graves full titanium exhaust and love it. It is loud though. Graves makes a silencer with a spark arrestor which does quiet it down considerably. Also, the Graves header will bolt to the stock muffler so you can keep it really quiet if you wish. When I bought mine from Graves I also bought the FTecu tuning kit from them. When you do this Graves will send you a tune via email as part of the deal so you can tune it yourself and not have to send your MCU off to be tuned.
Ftecu is very cool tool, but i dont see myself sitting with laptop and tuning again, i had enough with my previous cars.
On this one i just want to do this powert pack and flash tune and enjoy driving...

i have some theory+hope that the stock header and muffler+spark arrestor will help low rpm to be more responsive, and the intake cam will give me what i need for mid and top end...
All i need is few extra timing degree and fuel tweak to spot on this setup.
Its not about hp numbers, its about feeling, reliability and budget

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I鈥檓 curious..

Have you driven a flash tuned YXZ?

Im asking because to me you鈥檙e going down lots of roads, in lots of directions, which is quite normal for an excited new YXZ owner. You say you are happy with the level of hp it has鈥et a tune..
I had a Graves flash tune uploaded in my ecu and basically run stock open header.. and the car runs so beyond my expectations..
No, i didnt.
What is stock open header ?

i am sure its blast and rips, but if i am already going to flash it - i want to add this intake cam, which is cheap, and can gain some extrahorsepower.
Worst case ill be more gentle with the gas pedal on be on higher gear, which is fine.

and i really want to try something that no one else did, unless it is wrong

my only concern is if its possible and correct to replace only intake cam and if i can find proper tune to suite all this mods.

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The FTEcu has caned tunes from Graves up to 2018 and open tunes which are copies of tunes that are similar if not direct copies of Graves tunes for the 2019+ cars. These are caned tunes that you don't have to do a thing too if you don't want to. I use the tune graves sent to me and flashed my MCU with my laptop using FTEcu to do it. I did make sure the top speed limiter was turned off and changed when the cooling fans came on and went off and that was it. It takes all of 5 minutes to do. If you want to mess with the fuel and timing tables you can, but Im not that guy. Because of where you live I would consider the FTEcu so you aren't shipping your MCU back and forth.
i emailed ftecu with some questions.
Maybe it would be good option after all.
Do you have the Tcu tune as well ?
Ang info on that ?
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