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Trying to find someone that knows the widths,should be stamped in the wheels& backspacing of the SE wheels.I think they are 7 & 8in wide.As soon as I can find out,will be looking for a set of take-offs,shipped to OH.Have been to the dealers,the parts catalogs are not out yet for the YXZs,alittle hard to tell spacing on a unit sitting on the showroom.Am wanting to put them on a Wolverine,they come with ugly wheels & most aftermarket wheels have the wrong backspacing.
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Pm me your number--- mine are coming off--;)
I'm looking at doing the same thing. Using a set of YXZ take-off's for the Wolverine during dry times. Running mega mayhems now since everything is so muddy. Wife liked the mud tires a lot more than the bighorns when she was driving around yesterday.
I want one rim/tire for a spare
Yes mee too. The SE Wheels are very attractive in person. :cool:
So there is two sold if we can find sellers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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