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Towing with a YXZ

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Hi All,

I've read a couple threads through of people putting on a hitch for launching their seadoo or a small trailer around the yard. Some say it's no problem, others recommend buying something more suited to the task..

My follow up question is this;
Has anyone heard of or tried a very small trailer for overland type excursions? Similar to the pictures below.
I have interest in camping along some back lakes I've been able to access around here, and would need more space than the bed will allow.
I expect one could build a small open trailer to carry coolers and batteries, possibly a roof top tent mounted to it, for 500-600lbs. This would be under 100lbs tongue weight.
Goes without saying that clutch management will be key with added weight, any low speed will need to have constant speed, and avoiding hard launches.
What's the YXZ Talk consensus?

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If driven how you would need to it can do it. The idea is to give it enough throttle to get you rolling right off the bat then back off and get that green light off. If you can do that every time without fail you will not have problems. The clutch does not get smoked when it isn't slipping.
If you mess around and drag out complete engagement and put heat in the thing every start you will have problems.

If you can't get going immediately and get up to speed easily with the green slip light only on at the very start then don't do it.

You have to realize you have a lot of extra weight to get moving and that takes more throttle but smooth application right at first then back out and kinda cruise it once moving.

Still likely to wear the clutch more than without it obviously but it doesn't have to be certain death in one outing as long as your able to keep it in a gear and the green slip light out yor not hurting anything really. Not any worse for the machine IMO than if you were hot dogging it a little at the starts and running hard with the machine.

They are quite durable and if you do the starts right depending on the weight you put in the trailer and how easily YOU can get it rolling and the slip light OFF.

If you can or not possible you should be able to tell that pretty quickly.

I can not imagine any way it could be worse than getting the car moving in deep sand every start.

Didn't consider it may be a 3 pedal but same thing goes. Pretty good throttle as clutch is released smoothly and completely all in just the first few feet. Get it rolling and get it locked up without excessive slipping.
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I don't think towing anything is a good idea. My primary concern would be with braking. If you were going down a steep grade with a trailer, I suspect you would have a difficult time stopping in an emergency.
Yea whoop dee doo's at 60 mph are going to be exciting too. Probably going to have to go easy over the jumps. Lol.

I am willing to bet the person using one for towing realizes a different driving style will be required and some terrain may not be suitable while towing.
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