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Cage Hoops (1.750" x .095 DOM steel Tube)

Grab Handles/ A Pillar Gussets ( 1.250"x.095 Wall DOM Steel Tube )

Over Head windshield Gussets (1.750" x .095 DOM steel Tube)

Intrusion Bars (1.250"x.095 Wall DOM Steel Tube)

Re-Designed Rear V Bracing (1.750" x .095 DOM steel Tube)

Center Split Roof Bar (1.750" x .095 DOM steel Tube)

Windshield Gussets (1.750" x .095 DOM steel Tube)

MIG Welded Standard

Roof (5052 .060 bead rolled aluminum)

Pro werks 1/4" Turn Dzus Style Button Head fasteners and tabs

2 Whip Tabs 1/4" Thick

Center Mirror bung (3/8-16 Threads)

TIG Welded CNC Machined Cage Bungs (Machined In House)

60% semi gloss powder coat

Dragonfire racing Yamaha harness mounts
Available Add Ons:
Roof Rack
DOT Approved Laminated Auto Glass
Double Panel Light Grey Poly Carbonate Sunroof
Single Panel Light Grey Poly Carbonate Sunroof
VR2 Integrated detachable rear bumper
Light bar tabs (please provide the light bar for fitment if possible)****
Extra whip tab
Pre drill holes for wiring
Raw cage with no powder coat (please call for details)
Cage install (local only)
Extra BCF Badge
2 Stage Powder coat

DSC_0192.jpg DSC_0198.jpg DSC_0218.jpg DSC_0234.jpg
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