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I keep reading where people are calling the Yxz a heavy pig but the weight comparisons between the Yami and the 1000xp are based on wet weight for the Yami (1510) and for the rzr is dry weight (1379), anyone know either the dry weight of the yxz or the wet weight of the 1000xp?
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Dry weight for YXZ R should be a 1,430-1,440lbs for the R, add 30lbs for the SE model. Not bad really IMO.
Not sure that much weight difference is going to matter to much because it is fairly small. I think it will determine how creative people with cages and adds. Those add up quickly.
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I was thinking it was kind of a heavy pig until I realized Yamaha shows the wet weight. Then think about the Yamaha comes with a roof, full skids, full doors... If Yamaha is including a full tank of gas that's 57 lbs alone. Actual weight is going to be come up very comparable.
My 14 xp1k stock with out the bed is 1639 pounds full is gas and beadlock wheels
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