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Hi guys, i have a 2016 yxz1000r with 3 pedals and im trying to install a new clutch.

I'm installing a rekluse kit, not the one with the 6 springs pressure plate, Attached picture. This kit came with pressure plate, exp disc and one yamaha friction disk.


The tubeworks, im installing it just the way it came, with the three springs. attached picture...


For the disks, I'm using alba clutch kit that came with 9 fiber and 9 steels, im using 8 fiber plus the one that came with the rekluse kit, and 9 steels, so a total of 9 steel and 9 fibers like the manual said.

After the install and bleeding procedure , Im trying to set up the gap and even if i adjust the slave cylinder doesn't seems to make a difference, if i adjust clockwise i get more gap, more than 1.00 of gap.. And i have no way to reduce that gat to set it up to the correct gap.

I dont know what else could i check
I bled a couple of times, i checked everything twice...

Any ideas....
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