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Greetings fellow YXZ enthusiasts! My name is Luke Stubbs and I'm here today to give you some background information about one of your newest supporting vendors, Beyond Redline Performance.

The Beginning...

Founded in 2001, Beyond Redline Performance of Green Bay Wisconsin started as an automotive repair facility and progressed into the region's premier performance automotive center with a focus on dyno testing and tuning. In 2010 Beyond Redline began manufacturing their own line of performance automotive parts and accessory's under the brand name Exceladyne. This product line was devoted the then new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. All aspects of the vehicle were covered as we made a large variety of items including bolt on parts, custom engine internals, turbocharger upgrade kits and suspension parts.

The First YXZ...

In April of 2017 Beyond Redline was approached by pro off-road driver Johnny Greaves to modify the calibration on his MPI 155 kit for his 2017 Yamaha YXZ SS. After close examination of the MPI kit we elected to remove all the piggyback tuning tools and focus on re-programming the factory computer using the FT-ECU software package. After extensive dyno testing and tuning the end results were a remarkable improvement in performance and driveabilty. Following this project we elected to purchase our own Yamaha YXZ with the goal of providing the best products and services in the marketplace. Thus our new brand, Dirt Launch Powersports, was formed.

Full Speed Ahead...

Immediately following the acquisition of our test car we got to work on research and design. Countless long nights and hours of dyno time were spent working on creating the definitive air intake system and associated ecu tunes for the basic bolt-on parts. Every single combination of intake, exhaust, and header were tested and the results were nothing short of astonishing. At this time the YXZ was beginning to dominate the TORC off-road racing series and all the winners had one thing in common....the DLP Air Box and Beyond Redline ECU calibration. In the 2017 season we racked up 36 top 5 finishes in 13 races in Pro Stock, and 19 top 5 finishes in 13 races in Pro Mod. For those who don’t realize, we were competing against the turbo RZR and turbo Can Am X3 in our naturally aspirated Yamahas in the Pro Mod division.

Leading The TORC Series

DLP Air Intake and ECU Flash

Proven Performance

DLP Turbo System and Beyond!

Upon the completion of the 2017 racing season we turned our attention to the development of the DLP Turbo System. As with all our products we spent an excessive amount of time working on this kit and the results are astonishing. Much more information coming regarding this product, but at the end of the day we believe we have crafted the finest turbo kit for the Yamaha YXZ.

Thank you to everyone who reads this. We are truly excited to be here and can't wait to help you achieve your performance goals with your Yamaha YXZ. All of these products and many more are available at our online store: www.BeyondRedlineStore.com Feel free to ask any questions you have and reach out to me anytime via a private message. Additionally our shop is open daily and ready to assist you: 920-498-1223
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