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OK I'm a new YXZ owner. I got a good deal on a 2016 with low miles. It had been running great till a recent run. I had put 300 miles on it was now at 1600 miles.
A couple of things. Right before the run I changed it to Rotella T6 5w40 as I had read quite a few people were running this no issues. I was about 20 miles in on the run and new oil change.
The machine I am told has a recluse clutch on it.
During the ride I stalled on a hill and I was in first and 4 locked. it took a few attempts to get it to go up as I didn't get enough of a run up and had another machine right behind me.
However since then going into first has become problematic and wont always engage 1st gear. Like 1 in 3 times. I can let off the clutch hit the gas then put the clutch down again and that sometimes get's it to goto 1st' Once in first I can shift all other gears no issues at all.
Any suggestions here? Is it the oil or did I burn up my clutch? I'm told recluse clutch can sometimes be a pain.

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If you have a Recluse auto clutch installed you'll know because when you put it in gear and take your foot off the clutch it won't engage until the revs come up to around 1k - 1.5k.

If you have a Recluse clutch it has a special adjustable clutch actuator on the front end of the transmission. I would check to make sure its properly adjusted before looking any farther. I would also check the clutch pedal fluid for proper level since that can effect clutch actuator adjustment.

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