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Worldwide Launch Event - Yamaha YXZ1000R Review [VIDEO]

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4Nines and I chat about the All-New Yamaha YXZ1000R Pure Sport UTV. Be sure and share this with all of your friends and family so that they can understand your obsession!

Let us know what you think as well. What did we miss?
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Ease of maintenance? (Spark plugs, air filters, oil filter, oil drains, etc.)
Gauges (Visibility, readability, tilting pod, etc.)
Air Intake Location
Roof and Full Doors standard
Turbo already available
Air Intake Location
Roof and Full Doors standard
The Air intake is actually located between the seats. You can see it on the right-hand side of the passenger seat at 5:25. The engineers discussed that they wanted to get the cleanest, coolest air that they could, so they decided to pull from the cabin. The air actually goes through 2-stages of filtration. There is an initial foam, reusable filter, and then that feeds to a oil impregnated paper filter.

Roof and doors are as standard.
Yep, I knew that. Just suggesting that it could be added to the video review.
~6 minutes was already pushing the attention span of most people...
Should mention there is no reason to "Hulk Smash" the shifter. LOL
The brief mention of a cutter brake makes me hopeful that the rear axle is actually a differential not a live axle gear box. Is that true? If so does that mean the diff lock control knob lock the axles front and back? That would be SWEET!!!
Great video!

Next time, please film in a better room instead of at the bottom of a well or in the bathroom. The echo was really distracting. :p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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