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Yamaha 847cc In-Line Triple Exhaust Sounds

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I'm drooling just thinking about the exhaust noises the new Yamaha SXS would make :cool:

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No kidding! Sounds wicked.

In this video, we get a little exhaust noise at the end. Definitely different from what we've come to expect:
Sept 1 is way to far away, Wish that I could control time.
all the vid points to a desert sled rather than a 50", so hope its the Nytro or similar big bore engine
I beleive that exhaust note will be very distinctive!!!you will know what coming down the trail....
Oh yeah! Waaaay better then a v twin or parallel twin!!!!

Here is what a piped Nytro motor sounds like...


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Killer! There won't be anything like it
Killer! There won't be anything like it
That's what I was thinking also. Its like the R1 cars that go to Glamis. You can hear them coming from a mile away and there is no mistaking them since they have there own unique sound. They do sound wicked!!!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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