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Yamaha Stock Price after yxz

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You guys think this will make the Yamaha stock prices go up in a few years if they produce a Rzr killer and keep making improvements like a future turbo model?
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Not sure, but I bet you see polaris stock take a dive if its a hit
With Yamaha stock being near a 52 week low I would think its a great time to buy before they release the yxz 1000. Polaris and artic cat jumped up fast when they produced 1000cc machines.
Polaris stock was less than $20 in 2010 and now over $150. Artic was less than $20 before the wildcat and in two years jumped to over $60
I'll pick some up, it's worth a flyer just to keep track of it :)
I don't think Yamaha trades here in the US?
I called my broker and he said YAMHF is the stock symbol for it in the United States
It's up 7.4%
If all the teaser videos are true they claim it's the start of a new era. Manual shift, 1000cc, and who knows what's in store the following years
The stock hasn't done much in 10 years.. maybe it's time :)


I worry that it's not listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq, etc.. It trades on the OTC market.
I would think Yamaha UTV's would be a very tiny percentage of thier overall market, they make a very wide range of stuff. They do alot of musical instruments, speakers, robots, furniture, sporting goods etc.
I am very hopeful for the new sxs because I don't want a Polaris, can am and definitely not an Artic cat.

But the fact is Yamaha is a HUGE company and I'm not sure this one product will make or break them. Outboard motors, music equipment, motors for automotive, atv's, motorcycles, etc. They are in to everything.
This ^^^^

Yamaha is so large and the sxs market is a very small part that I don't expect much influence, but more sales is definitely not going to make the stock go down.
Yamaha said somewhere that they planned on something like a 70% increase in UTV market share this year if I remember correctly. I can't find the link but I did find this.


"Yamaha’s 2014 Business Results Report is that its ATV/UTV sales increased by 20% in 2014 and are projected to increase by a further 41% in 2015. If Yamaha’s projections are correct, that would be a 70% increase in sales in two years, which is a monumental jump. That tells me that Yamaha, along with expecting good sales from the Wolverine, might have something big coming this year. To impact sales that dramatically, I’m thinking a new vehicle would have to be in dealerships relatively soon – mid-summer seems as good a time as any."
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