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Yamaha YXZ In The Mud?

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Chances are Yamaha is going to burst onto the scene with a true sport SXS that is geared for desert terrain and high performance driving. With that said, anyone considering buying the YXZ to be a mud machine? I could see the appeal of slinging mud while listening to the sweet howl of an 11,000 rpm motor :cool:
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I'm not really worried about fenders. They don't do a whole lot when hitting a mud hole hard. Stuff just splashes everywhere. Only thing that would help is a full enclosure.
Wouldn't it be a kick if it had some way to do a quick change final gear ratio. Run some 35inch mudders and have it geared for them :D
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Was thinking more of the divorced transmission and having a quick swap final gear change on the output shaft. Would drive both diff's.
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