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Many of you posted up your questions so that we could get them answered. Thank you for that. Some of the questions have been answered though the course of the day in the Press Event Live Posting thread.

I got a chance to sit down with a couple of the guys from the product development team to get the rest answered for you as well. There were a few of these answers that are short due to a bit of a language barrier, but the point of the response is not lost.

60", 64+", and 50" models in the works?
Not yet.

Are you guys working on Forced Induction at all?
*Cracks a smile. "No comment"

Will there be trickle-down tech from the YXZ across the other UTV lines from Yamaha?
A couple things.

How much wheel travel does the YXZ have?
16" in the rear
17" in the front

What height person were the ergonomics designed around?
95% of populous

What is the overall weight of the YXZ?
SE 699kg
Blue 680kg

Any plans on taking this machine to the overseas markets? If so, when?
60 model for US only for now. Blue may be Europe model.

And for the 6 year old in us... How fast will it go? But seriously, what is the top speed?
No comment

Is there any hidden power in the motor or tuning?
No (this is engineering speak for, "of course there is.")

What kind of heat shielding did you do for the cab?
Yes. Without the heat shielding, the cabin gets very hot. (There is a photo of the heat shielding in the Press Live Posting thread)

Does it have a seat slider or is it like the Wolverine where you have to undo the 4 bolts to move seat back or forward?
There are several positions available on the slider.

There a fender flare option for mudders?
Over fenders are available (will add pictures soon)

When will the first dealer orders arrive?
October for the Anniversary Yellow model. Blue and Orange will be available in Dec.

Top Speed?
No comment.

Max RPM?
12k max with redline at 10500.

0-60 time.
No comment.

What is the wattage of stator at Idle? People like to run big stereo's and lots of lights.
Alternator kit makes 40 amps at 3k+

How deep is the accessories lineup going to be at launch? Is this something that is going to roll out slowly, or will there be a large list of accessories available upon launch?
There will be several accessories available at launch.

Seeing as how Yamaha has always been known for reliability, what do you expect the service life will be in the motor?
This very much depends on care. Engine is very strong. (He would not give me details on number of miles, but he said that they did not have engine failures. Most of the failures in testing came from componentry such as joints, pivots, and the types of parts that you would expect to fail. He said "the engine is strong" with an earnest smile on his face.)

Oil change every how many miles?
Break in
1600 miles

What's the transmission maintenance?
Same intervals as engine oil

Can the clutch pack wear out and if so do they have a mileage replacement interval?
Depends on usage.
Tested it a long time (again, they would not divulge mileage) and the standard response is "Periodic adjustments needed," but we did not have to make adjustments when we checked the clutch pack.

Bolt pattern?

Thanks again for your time guys!

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4X110 and are the studs 12mm? That would be the same as Viking/Wolverine.

Oh and what's the HP rating for the clutch?
"4X110 like it always has been." I guess they have always gone with the same wheel setup as the other models and have no intention of changing it.

I will try to get the answer to the HP rating on the clutch, but I'm doubt they will share a number. They are keeping most of the numbers close to their vest.

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Hi i don't know if this have been answered in another thread, but what is the HP output of the engine? Thanks.
Yeah, this! I don't see anywhere where it states the actual HP rating. Is it in fact 112? Or hopefully more? Didn't see any statements about this in the specs.
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