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YXZ Gauges

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Yamaha did a great job with the gauges! The gauge cluster looks like something directly off the Yamaha Sport Bikes.
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That does look pretty sweet. I am glad they put a gauge cluster in it.
I like the Mav's cluster and this seems like it is in a the same spot so its easy to read while driving
Similar to the ones they use on some of their snowmobiles too. I like it!!
Is that a shift light on the top middle of the gauge there?
That's what I thought it was. Lovin that cluster for sure.
Love the placement and style of the gauge cluster. On the driver's side where it should be! :) I'm feeling all YXZ drunk... Been forum/websiting it for almost 36 hours straight now... think I need a nap! lol
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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